Cureboon: Physician to Physician e-consult made easy for the doctors and patients

24 May 2023

Proper physician e-consult can be a valuable cost and life saver for patients and healthcare providers, but it is hard to predict which specialist consult the patient case to around 60% of all misdirected referrals are caused by a lack of information on specialists. With over millions of “clinically inappropriate” consult each year, physician referrals are due for a major upgrade. Teleconsulting/Referrals must be convenient by making healthcare systems easier for doctors and patients. Onus lies with the technology vendors to make referrals easier for physicians and patient and improve value-based payments. Cureboon offers an easy solution in the form of an e-consultation platform that connects patient’s primary physician with a specialist/superspecialist doctor during patients visit, if needed, with patient consent.

Cureboon aims to focus on outperforming most teleconsultation and referral networks in efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction. The benefits for doctors using Cureboon are:

  • Continuity of patient care
  • Physician directories with information on training, certifications, memberships, and specialties
  • Search physicians by name, specialty, and location
  • Access to physician-to- physician e-consult straight through Cureboon platform/app
  • View active and online physicians, access them for normal and emergency care
  • Building relationships by face-to-face interaction with fellow physicians and getting second opinion with patient consent on his case.
  • Respond to call in timely manner for on-spot specialist service and specialist follow-up appointments
  • Helps make medical practitioner trustworthy
  • Convenient exchange of clinical information
  • Improve physician and patient satisfaction
  • Providing service standards, by consents from all the parties and documented in EHR
  • IOS and Android mobile apps
  • Cureboon offers to make new doctors
  • Digital presence in medical community
  • Increase new patient volume
  • Maximize practice visibility
  • Help gain confidence

Cureboon thus provides the e-consult manager system service for consulting primary physician, the specialist and the patient, providing a comprehensive interface for choosing specialty to primary physician, for specialist doctor complete history and examination of the patient by primary physician, in addition to assistive scheduling an on-spot appointments. Hence, Cureboon is a tool for having seamless experience. Cureboon act as electronic consultation tool, where specialist will significantly less likely to have received conflicting information on patient due to the involvement of primary physician, thus helping improve patient diagnosis. By improving communication between primary physician and specialists, Cureboon gives superior experience to patients. Thus, accelerating patient care and improving patient outcome.

Cureboon, helps physician build a reliable and rewarding networks of reference, which will give strength in how well and regularly known the practice is in the medical community, industry and public eye. Becoming more visible to public is heart and soul of building a reputation, which ultimately drives doctors’ consultation without hesitation and makes doctor a public figure.