How it works

An e platform connecting doctors in real time with one to one interaction adding more value to the consultation

A doctor sees other doctor’s profile

Expert doctors from different fields from diverse geographical areas are available online

Doctor requests consultation

Doctor requests consultation in real time where the patient pays a nominal fees

Doctor receives consultation

Proper history and examination is conveyed and time and unnecessary expense of the patient is saved

Solution provided to both doctor and patient

Patient is cured to his satisfaction

Book an appointment for in-clinic consultation.


We unite the comfort of visiting one’s doctor in their neighbourhood with expert advice from a distantly placed doctor of choice!

Services offered to the specialist/advising doctor:

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Our Story

In developing country like India, the healthcare system is overburdened. The first contact physicians have dual responsibility-

  • To play the role of primary care provider.
  • To cater the need for the specialized care well beyond their boundaries of expertise.

To address this issue, Cureboon provides expert to expert communication so that without wasting time and unnecessary expenditure, the patient would get proper advice through his first contact physician.


Cureboon’s vision is to provide guidance to doctors at every step making affordable, quality care accessible in every corner of the world.


Cureboon’s mission is to be leading, trusted, digital platform for quality health guidance at your place.


Cureboon’s objectives are to guide doctors while using intellectual skills and make quality treatment available to patients together with saving their time and money.