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Cureboon: Connecting Doctors for Enhanced Patient Care

Introducing Cureboon, the innovative e-platform that revolutionizes the way doctors communicate and collaborate during patient visits. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to enhance patient outcomes and provide timely access to care for patients in both rural and urban areas of India.

At Cureboon, we understand the challenges doctors face in delivering optimal care. That's why we have developed a unique doctor-to-doctor telecommunication system that allows seamless collaboration between primary care physicians and specialists. By connecting doctors in real-time, we enable them to exchange insights, seek second opinions, and provide comprehensive care during patient consultations.


Our platform offers a range of features designed to streamline communication and improve patient outcomes. With our web and mobile applications, doctors can engage in video conferencing with ease, ensuring effective communication and efficient decision-making. The integration of AWS-Cloud ensures secure transmission of patient data, safeguarding privacy and confidentiality.

Cureboon also facilitates the secure transmission of prerecorded patient histories, including videos, photos, and diagnostic imaging files. This enables primary care physicians to consult specialists and obtain expert insights, leading to accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans.

For doctors, joining Cureboon means gaining access to a robust network of peers, expanding professional connections, and enhancing their practice's reputation. By collaborating with specialists and seeking second opinions, doctors can elevate the quality of care they provide, leading to improved patient satisfaction and retention.

Join Cureboon today and be part of a revolutionary platform that empowers doctors, enhances patient outcomes, and bridges the gap in healthcare access. Together, let's transform the way we deliver care and make a lasting impact on the lives of patients across India.

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Name: Vpotential pvt ltd

Contact number: +918840305672

Address: Flat no. 104 Santushti Enclave, Sec B, Sushant Golf city, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, 226025