Cureboon: Revolutionizing Healthcare Access in India through Doctor-to-Doctor Teleconsultation

24 May 2023


In a country where the healthcare system is overburdened and access to specialized care is limited, Cureboon emerges as a beacon of hope. This innovative e-platform is transforming the way doctors connect, collaborate, and provide timely care to patients. With its unique doctor-to-doctor teleconsultation approach, Cureboon is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape in India. Investors seeking opportunities to make a profound impact on healthcare delivery and tap into a rapidly growing market should take note of Cureboon's potential.

Addressing Critical Challenges:

India faces a severe shortage of doctors, especially in remote and rural areas, leaving a significant portion of the population without access to high-quality care. Cureboon tackles this problem head-on by empowering primary care physicians to bridge the gap between primary and specialized care. By facilitating real-time telecommunication between doctors during patient visits, Cureboon enhances patient outcomes and enables timely access to care, regardless of geographical limitations.

Unique Features and Benefits:

Cureboon's innovative features set it apart from traditional telemedicine apps and referral systems. Unlike existing platforms, Cureboon operates as an RMP-to-RMP (Registered Medical Practitioner to Registered Medical Practitioner) e-consultation, where the patient's primary physician acts as a mediator. This approach ensures a comprehensive examination, proper medical history, and seamless coordination between primary care providers and specialists. Through Cureboon, doctors gain valuable experience, while patients receive high-quality treatment without the need for multiple referrals or physical travel. Main Cureboon features include: Doctor to doctor teleconsultation, Web/mobile (IOS & Android) applications for video conferencing, AWS-Cloud integrated, securely transmission of prerecorded  history, HIPPA compliant google meet, EHR and SNOMED CT applied widely, Data security, Telehealth devices shopping and integration.

Revenue Generation and Scalability:

Investors will be pleased to know that Cureboon has devised a robust revenue generation model. The platform offers fixed-fee video consultations within its network, charging a nominal fee of ₹50 per consultation. Additionally, a subscription-based model is planned, with doctors paying ₹500 per month after the initial year. Cureboon's financial projections demonstrate exponential growth potential, backed by an estimated target of 4,500 doctors joining the platform within the first year.

Social and Business Impact:

Cureboon's impact on healthcare accessibility is significant. By connecting doctors in rural and urban areas, the platform ensures that patients receive real-time specialist and superspecialist care. This not only saves lives but also reduces out-of-pocket expenses for patients who would otherwise have to travel long distances for specialized treatment. Cureboon's scalability allows for widespread adoption, fostering a strong network of doctors who can support and collaborate with each other, thereby improving the overall quality of care.

Investment Opportunity:

Investors looking for a scalable business model with high potential for both employment and wealth generation should consider Cureboon. With an attractive target addressable market of over 12 lakh doctors in India and a unique value proposition, Cureboon offers a compelling investment opportunity. The platform's visionary team, comprising healthcare professionals, scientists, and technical experts, is supported by a solid network of consultants and industry advisors.


Cureboon's mission to provide seamless doctor-to-doctor telecommunication during patient visits has the power to revolutionize healthcare in India. By enhancing patient outcomes, increasing timely access to care, and building strong doctor networks, Cureboon creates a win-win situation for patients, doctors, and investors. With its innovative features, scalable business model, and positive social impact, Cureboon is poised to become the definitive solution for virtual connected care in India. Investors have the opportunity to be part of this transformative journey and make a lasting impact on healthcare delivery.