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Dr. Pramita Dubey

Dr. Pramita Dubey


Dr. Pramita Dubey, the founder of Cureboon, is a highly accomplished individual with a strong background in the field of medicine. She holds an MD in Physiology from King George's Medical University, one of India's prestigious medical institutions. With her extensive experience as a Medical Officer at a Community Health Center (CHC) in India, Dr. Dubey has gained invaluable insights into the challenges faced by healthcare providers and patients, particularly in underserved areas.

Dr. Dubey's passion for teaching and her expertise in Physiology have also played a significant role in shaping her professional journey. With a teaching experience of around 10 years, she has honed her communication and educational skills, enabling her to effectively bridge the gap between medical knowledge and practical implementation.

As the driving force behind Cureboon, Dr. Dubey brings her deep understanding of healthcare dynamics, patient care, and the unique needs of both primary physicians and specialists. Her visionary leadership and commitment to improving healthcare access and outcomes have led to the development of an innovative platform that connects doctors and empowers them to provide high-quality care.

Dr. Dubey's combination of medical expertise, teaching experience, and dedication to transforming the healthcare landscape makes her a valuable asset to the Cureboon team. Her leadership and vision have set the stage for the success of Cureboon in revolutionizing the way doctors collaborate and deliver care, ultimately improving patient outcomes and accessibility to healthcare services.


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