Team Member

Geeta Dube

Mrs. Geeta Dube


Cureboon is honored to have Mrs. Geeta Dube as the Director, bringing a diverse set of skills and experiences to the team. With a n MA LT, Mrs. Geeta Dube possesses a strong educational foundation and a passion for learning. Despite her previous role as a homemaker, Mrs. Geeta Dube's dedication and commitment to the company's mission have been invaluable. Her ability to adapt, organize, and manage various aspects of the business has contributed to the overall success of Cureboon. Mrs. Geeta Dube's meticulous attention to detail and strong interpersonal skills have also helped foster a collaborative and supportive work environment. Her unwavering support and valuable contributions make her an integral part of the Cureboon team, driving the company's growth and making a positive impact on healthcare.